Cody Owens

Cody Owens Jiu Jitsu Coach At Martial Arts Studio In Spring, Texas

Cody Owens


My name is Cody Owens and I am currently a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Mike Torres.

I started training seriously when I was 22 years old to help stay out of trouble, learn how to defend myself, and have something that would give me direction. I quickly fell in love with the art and all that came with it. Jiu Jitsu has given me structure, discipline, family and much more. These are some of the principles that I take pride in with my teaching and hope to pass them along to you.

Before turning to a coaching role, I was a Professional MMA fighter here on the local circuit in Houston. I amassed an undefeated record before choosing to retire due to injury. I incorporate the skillset, mental fortitude, and training regimen I learned while fighting, into my daily training and teaching habits.

With my focus on teaching in the Jiu Jitsu arena, I hope to share the mats with you one day!